Monday, September 12, 2011

Yarn and Felt Wreath

Well followers I to have hopped onto the yarn wreath band wagon.  Unsure of what it is but this pregnancy has gotten me all sorts of crafty.

I found some great ideas for some yarn wreaths on the blog, Tatertots and Jello and went with this great Fall felt wreath from Home Stories A to Z.

                               Cute, huh?

So yesterday I ventured out to my local Michael's and bought the supplies I needed.  That included a glue gun, glue sticks, foam wreath, yarn, felt pieces and then some embellishments.  My total came out to be $47. and change.  I am however taking back some of the yarn, some felt pieces and I decided against using the embellishments so my total will be less.  Somewhere in the $37. range (I would guess).

Here are my pics before, some during and then the after.  Not too bad for someone who doesn't consider herself very crafty.

Products purchased

After I wrapped the grey yarn all around the wreath.

After I criss-crossed white yarn and then orange yarn

My finished wreath

Next up on my DIY list, chalkboard making.  Post soon to follow.

Happy Fall!


  1. So CUTE! I am totally doing this. How did you make the felt flowers?

  2. I followed a tutorial that Beth posted over on Have fun!

  3. Very cute Megan!

  4. LOVE IT! yours is super super cute - love the criss-cross pattern!

  5. I am in the process of making my own and did not realize prior how time-consuming the wrapping part is. At least now I feel more inspired to get it done- your wreath turned out great!